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Technology is such a vital factor of every person’s life in this modern world. Currently, we are living in a world full of technology and gadgets. Day by day, technology is getting in our lives. Now, our life would be impossible without technology. In the market, a lot of gadgets are available which attract human beings.  We use these gadgets to bring improvement in our daily life works. The gadgets are technology, which ultimately improves the quality of our life, despite this fact; technology also serves a lot of functions.

Now technology has also made its place in Education set up. The more the advances happening in technology, the more the benefits students will achieve from technology at education level.  

Use of projectors in class room or Visual Learning:

Now every school and college is teaching its students at an advanced level with the help of technology. This benefits the students a lot in better understanding and absorbing of what is taught at school with the help of the study gadgets. In some classrooms, projectors are used which help in visual learning to the students. These projectors are attached to a computer or a laptop, and the data or study material which is present in computer is shown at a big screen on white board or a wall. In this way students can see their study material easily just by sitting in front of those projectors.

Moreover, a number of other software’s or gadgets can be used in the classrooms which can supplement the class curriculum. When the students are unable to go to classroom, the study does not stop just because of the technology. Students can continue learning just by staying at home using this software’s, with the help of which they can solve their quiz, test or other activities. 

Research projects:

Now thanks to computers or laptops by which students can make presentations on power point and present it in front of the entire class at multimedia or projectors. 

Now students can attach their computers to internet, and can gather a lot of information about their research topics. They can write essays or research paper quite easily by taking study material with the help of internet. Students don’t need to go to libraries and spend a lot of time and efforts to collect their relevant study material. Technology has saved their lot of time and efforts. Now they just need an internet connection & they can do whatever they want. 


However, some people are opposed to technology. They think that technology may spoil their generation. Regardless of the fact that some people do not like technology and think it will spoil their children, technology will still remain a major component of the society in which we are living today. 

By introducing technology in our education sector, it is ensured that our students have access to much better tools and information which they can use on their work place as well. Technology is necessary in every field of life. No doubt educational field is not left without technology. It will provide more knowledge & information to our students & they will become more competitive in their future.  

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